Monday, February 26, 2007

A Waiter Weighs In

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Every now and then , I’ll blog about, well, another blog. Usually, it's got to be one that totally captured my attention, made me laugh out loud, or feel that it’s 100% worth the mention simply for its uniqueness alone. So I think such would definitely be the case for a truly clever blog site called, Waiter Rant.

Ever wonder what waiters say about you, or what the cook will say to the waiter when your food is politely (or otherwise) returned to the kitchen? (Trust me, in most cases -- you probably wouldn’t want to know) The cat fights that go on amongst the staff? All the other behind-the-scenes yet very rarely talked about stuff that goes on in the restaurant world? Well, move over, chef Anthony Bourdain, and Kitchen Confidential. Here we have it straight from a NYC waiter, who brings a fresh and informative perspective to the much-heard phrase, “Hi, I’m (fill in name here), and I’ll be your waiter this evening.”

So be sure to check this blog out if you can. This one's a *guaranteed* good read.

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