Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Good Question

Cat Cora in a recent Iron Chef America battle

One was posed recently here at New York Magazine in one of their weekly Grub Street articles. And needless to say, it certainly got me thinking (as well as a few other people, I'm sure) and taking full note.

Basically, it involved the now familiar "food battles" featured on Food Network's Iron Chef America and a few other TV programs following the same exact format, where the emphasis is on showcasing several *masterfully* done dishes by expert chefs -- in little or no time at all.

Which of course, has left the good folks at New York Magazine, as well as many of us, to rightfully ponder:

If that much good food can be invented and cooked in an hour, why do restaurants that have six months to prepare a menu so seldom come up with more than two or three interesting dishes?


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