Friday, October 13, 2006

Emeril On The Book Scene...Again

Emeril Lagasse

Super chef and all around "terrific guy" (yes, I've met the man, and can personally attest to this!) Emeril Lagasse recently noted that 25 years ago, American chefs were not respected in the world because the U.S. had no cuisine to call its own. "But now," he further states, "It's like we're... on fire"!

And that's why he is also the author of kids' cookbooks, especially his latest, titled There's A Chef In My World , encouraging the young ones among us to rise to the occasion -- as well as summon their own food creativity.

A cookbook for kids of all ages and adults to use together, this one offers 75 recipes for daily meals, special occasions, and everything in between, along with cooking tips and safety precautions. You can make a meal with dishes from one region or mix it up for a truly international feast. Plus, Chef Emeril includes "Did You Know . . ." tidbits of cultural information behind some of the recipes.

"Hey, who's going to make (American cuisine) *evolve* if we're not doing that?" he recently said.

Couldn't have said it better myself, Chef Emeril. BAM!

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Carolyn Burns Bass said...

My son, now 17, loved watching Emeril when he was in elementary school. He picked up, "BAM" as a idiom, complete with the gesture. He's now taking the Foods class as a senior in HS and loving it. I've always joked that there must be a good cooking gene that runs in my family. If there is, this kid's got it. He loves to experiment with spices (sometimes to excess, but I don't quell his enthusiasm) and concocts all kinds of interesting dishes. He's still a wet canvas as far as his career direction is concerned; maybe he'll became a chef.

Aside now, do you remember the ill-fated EMERIL TV sitcom? I LOVED that show and was so disappointed when it was cancelled.