Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Build Your Own

Half-pounder at The Counter

After hearing much about them over the past year, one of the stops on my next trip to the West coast, is The Counter Restaurant in Santa Monica, California, now known for their famous custom-made burgers. Not to mention the numerous endorsements they've received courtesy of Oprah and GQ Magazine, where they were listed as one of the: 20 Burgers You Must Eat Before You Die.

The Counter starts off daily with freshly ground meat and the same amount of "freshness" applied to their veggie burgers. For those who always have to customize their orders with more of this and less of that, The Counter’s do-it-yourself menu is said to be an epicurean delight. From the Step-by-Step Checklist on a mini clipboard, you choose one of 10 cheese selections like yellow American, Danish blue or horseradish cheddar; four of 17 toppings ranging from your basic lettuce and tomatoes to the more exotic dried cranberries, grilled pineapple or roasted red peppers; and one of 17 sauces from mayo to peppercorn steak sauce to peanut sauce.

So after putting all those pesky cholesterol counts aside for the moment, read more here about "pimping out" your own custom burgers when you visit The Counter.

Good Wednesday, all. Peace.

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