Monday, March 27, 2006

A Man For All...Seasonings

Today Show's Al Roker

Okay, with a face as familiar -- and loved -- as his, how can we not welcome him into the already over-saturated fold, known more commonly as...(ah yeah, here comes that much-used moniker yet again)...reality TV.

As well as an accomplished author of several books, he's the genial NBC Today Show weatherman we've all known and loved for years. And now Al Roker, a consummate foodie in his own right as demonstrated by the many Food Network showcases he's hosted, will be branching out into a production of his very own called, Celebrity Food Fight.

Mix in two celebrities ... stir in two world-renowned chefs and a dash of audience participation and you've got a recipe for this star-studded culinary showdown, produced by Al Roker Entertainment, Inc. for the Food Network. The new reality cook-off, a one-hour special hosted by Al, will enter into its first taping with contestants Morgan Fairchild and comedian Mario Cantone ( the mere mention of multi-talented Mario Cantone's name -- is enough to prompt a lot of folks to tune into this one, I'm sure), who will be under the tutelage of Master Chefs Daniel Boulud and Todd English of the Institute for Culinary Education in New York.

"We have been simmering this show in our creative culinary crock pot for more than a year and now we're ready for everybody to have a taste," Roker said in a recent press release as the show's executive producer and host.

And it'll be complete with a live audience as two celebrities don chef's hats and prove that they've got the talent to out-shop and out-cook one another. Fairchild and Cantone will begin with culinary boot camp and learn to cook 5-star style in high-pressured kitchens -- with Fairchild in English's renowned Gramercy Park restaurant Olives and Cantone in Boulud's contemporary French east-side eatery Daniel. They then take their newfound skills into the grocery store and ultimately back to the kitchen set to battle it out one-on-one for the title of hottest new celebrity chef. There are time limitations, chef lifelines and plot twists to this delectable food fight in which the celebrities are judged by experts on presentation, taste, creativity, and accuracy of cooking a full-course meal.

Formed in 1994, Al Roker Entertainment, Inc. (ARE) is a thriving multimedia company involved in the development and production of network, cable, home video, and public television projects. Al Roker is CEO and Lisa Sharkey is President. ARE produces programming for a diverse clientele including NBC News, Lifetime Television, A&E, The History Channel, Discovery Networks, PBS, TV ONE, Oxygen and NBC Television Stations Group. Al Roker Entertainment, Inc. clients include real estate superstar Barbara Corcoran, fitness guru Jorge Cruise, model/actor Tyson Beckford, celebrity dog trainer and handler Tamar Geller, designer Elaine Griffin, and the Wilhelmina Model agency.

Al Roker is the author of the must-have, how-to book for all aspiring grill-masters and barbecue chefs Al Roker's Big Bad Book Of Barbecue. He's also the author of one of the *funniest* and most heartwarming books about parenting I've ever read titled Don't Make Me Stop This Car: Adventures In Fatherhood

Kudos, Al! And best of success with Celebrity Food Fight.

Check your local listing for the exact date and time of its premiere episode.

Have a great Monday, all. Peace.

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