Monday, February 20, 2006


Iron Chef Cat Cora

One of my favorite American culinary masters, Cat Cora, president and co-founder of Chefs For Humanity, has accepted the role as nutritional spokesperson for UNICEF, 2006. One of her first missions is a public awareness campaign, which is intended to draw attention to the situation in Malawi and the urgent need for an estimated 2.5 million in additional contributions to UNICEF. You can read more about master chef Cora and these vital efforts here

And in addition to tuning in to watch her kick-butt artistry in the male dominated Kitchen Stadium on Food Network's Iron Chef, soon you'll be able to catch her new book titled, Cooking From The Hip if this tiny little powerhouse even HAS any hips on that petite framework of hers.

Another one of my favorites is her first cookbook offering in 2004 titled Cat Cora's Kitchen

Keep on slicing, dicing, and pushing that culinary envelope, Cat. In short...keep on rocking us, Iron Chef.

Good Monday, all. Peace.

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