Wednesday, April 27, 2005

PBS Does It Again

Hats off to PBS and their documentary series Frontline for bringing certain cases to light that probably would never have been heard of otherwise. One such case happened back in 1931 in Hawaii, and is fully outlined here at: . For me, after viewing this on a recent segment of Frontline, it held all the makings of a major, page-turning crime novel and is one of those historical accounts that linger in your mind long after you've seen and heard the facts. So rather than trying to outline it all here, if you have a moment, do give a look at this intriguing happening murder, passion, and in the eyes of many who were close to the case at that time, the flagrant injustices (and yes, sorry to say...racism) that existed in America's penal system. Powerful stuff here, and kudos again to Frontline for bringing us these hard-hitting stories from years past that still impact our lives today in many ways.

Dull, dreary, and raining here in NYC today – but later this evening I'll be dropping in at an inner city poetry reading in Greenwich Village so I'll muddle my way through the day somehow, I guess. I don't have the exact location of this poetry happening yet as I agreed to tag along with a colleague and aspiring poet for this one, but since she is one of the poets we'll be hearing from tonight, I'm looking forward!

Hope you're having clearer weather in your neck of the woods today, and make it a good one. Peace.